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31st August 2013

Today I changed a few of the photos at the top of the World Tourer Home page based on the most popular photos viewed on my Photos on Panoramio - I have only been uploading photos to Panoramio for a few weeks and have so far added just over 400 - amazingly the photos have been viewed almost 20,000 times. I plan to add more photos but will probably stop at about 500.

I had been thinking of going to Trinity Beach for the day today but it is very windy so I will leave it until the wind drops.


18th August 2013

Today I went on another long walk - this time to Trinity Beach which is even further towards Cairns than Kewarra Beach (total round trip about 18 kilometres). Trinity Beach is a great little tourist location with a nice sheltered beach. I again came back via the beach and even stopped for a swim at Palm Cove Beach. The weather here continues to be wonderful.


12th August 2013

Yesterday I walked to Kewarra Beach and back - I went down the Captain Cook Highway on the cycle path/walkway and then onto Kewarra Beach and came back along the beach to Palm Cove. The beaches of Palm Cove, Clifton Beach and Kewarra Beach are in fact the same stretch of beach (about five kilometres long) which runs along the bay from Taylor Point in the South to Buchan Point in The North.


8th August 2013

"As Good as it Gets" - The weather today in Palm Cove is fairly close to perfect - 28 C air temp, 25 C sea temp and 26 C swimming pool temperature - plus a clear, cloudless sky, low humidity and a gentle sea breeze - and some people call this winter!

I have moved to an upstairs apartment at Periwinkle which is the same as the ground floor studio but with a balcony instead of a garden area. I am planning to stay here for at least the next eighteen months.

My Balcony View                    Swimming Pool at Periwinkle Apartments - Palm Cove

    The View From My Balcony         Periwinkle Swimming Pool Area


4th August 2013

Today I had my first Sunday "long walk" from Palm Cove. I headed North up the Captain Cook Highway for a couple of kilometres and then went down onto the beach and walked the length of Ellis Beach. I was surprised how many people there were on the beach as it was only about 9 am. I eventually turned back to Palm Cove after going about nine kilometres which means I covered about eighteen kilometres over all. I have been feeling fitter and healthier the last few weeks. After my walk I went for a swim at Palm Cove Beach.


3rd August 2013

I am now a resident of Periwinkle Apartments at Palm Cove. It is good to be near the beach again as I have really missed that. I have already made two trips (a few hundred metres walk) to the beach and the weather has been good. I also went in the swimming pool yesterday and the water is slightly warmer than the pool at Cairns Gateway Resort.

My studio apartment is on the ground floor of the two level complex but I am moving upstairs in three days as someone is moving out and I asked if I could move. The apartments here are slightly larger (and have a balcony) than those at the Cairns Gateway Resort but the kitchenette is smaller. At this stage my plan is to stay here for at least eighteen months and during that time I will not be travelling much at all (I need a rest) - so my entries here will slow.

Palm Cove Boardwalk

The Boardwalk Through The Mangroves to The Beach


15th July 2013

Yesterday I took another trip up to Palm Cove - This time it was to have a look at an apartment at Periwinkle Apartments within the grounds of the Novotel Palm Cove Resort at the Northern end of Palm Cove. There were not any vacancies but I was still able to have a look at one of the typical studio apartments. I had a good idea what to expect as most of the resort studios around Cairns are pretty much the same - The studio was fine and the area is very quiet and secluded but still only a few hundred metres from the beach.


30th June 2013

Today I caught the local bus to Palm Cove and spent the day investigating the area and laying on the beach. From what I have seen of the local beaches Palm Cove is by far the best - it has the best beach and a great village atmosphere. I plan to move to Palm Cove in August if I can find suitable accommodation.

Palm Cove Beach - June 2013                               Palm Cove Beach - Close Up - June 2013

Palm Cove Beach From The Jetty               Palm Cove Beach Close Up   


19th June 2013

The rain seems to have finally gone and the past few days have been fine and clear. The swimming pool temperature is still OK but will probably get a bit chilly over the next month or so.

Cairns Gateway Resort Swimming Pool                                        Replica of Krys The Crocodile

                       Gateway Resort Swimming Pool             Replica of "Krys" The Largest Crocodile Ever Shot in Australia


5th June 2013

Not really anything new as I have been busy - It has been raining every second day or so which surprised me as I had expected the weather here to be similar to Darwin at this time of year - In Darwin for the months of June to August it hardly ever rains.

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