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16th May 2013

Today I drove up the coast North from Cairns as far as Mossman which was a bit further than I had planned. I went to the entrance of Mossman Gorge but did not go in as I did not have time. I returned visiting Port Douglas (grossly overated in my opinion - similar to Noosa but without the beach), Rex Lookout, Ellis Beach, Palm Cove and Trinity Beach. For me the pick of the bunch was Palm Cove and I may even look into moving there when my current lease expires.

View From Rex Lookout - North of Cairns          Palm Cove Beach - Far North Queensland          Wallaby at Trinity Beach Near Cairns

View From Rex Lookout          Palm Cove Beach and Jetty         Wallaby at Trinity Beach


15th May 2013

On Sunday I did walk into Cairns again but I found a short cut so it was only about sixteen kilometres return and I actually did it quite comfortably. Tomorrow I am renting a car and going for a trip up the coast to have a look at the beaches (there is no beach in Cairns city) - I plan to drive up to Port Douglas and then come back down the coast - I may even go to Kuranda if I have time.

Gateway Resort Swimming Pool    Cairns Beach    Cairns Lagoon    Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

Gateway Resort Pool                Cairns Beach                                Cairns Esplanade Lagoon                  


5th May 2013

Today I went on my Sunday "Long Walk" and it turned out to be longer than I thought. I walked into Cairns to the man made Lagoon/Swimming Pool on the Esplanade. I thought it was about 5-6 kilometres each way but by the time I got into Cairns I was feeling a bit tired and considered getting the bus home. I persevered and walked back to the Cairns Gateway Resort (where I am staying) - I had a look on Google Maps to see how far it was as I was sure it was further than anticipated and according to Google it was more than 9 kilometres each way! I don't think this will become my regular Sunday walk as 18 kilometres is more than I am comfortable with.


2nd May 2013

Yesterday I signed the lease for three months on a Studio Room at the Cairns Gateway Resort - I will probably be staying for a lot longer than that but there was no need to make the lease time longer. I must admit that I am missing Asia even though I have been feeling very relaxed here.


26th April 2013

Cairns suits my clothes just fine with daily average temps about 30 C - I have been to Cairns many times before but I have never lived here as a resident. The Cairns Gateway Resort's location is slightly better than I thought although it is still a few kilometres out of town. There is a local shopping centre a few hundred metres away which includes an IGA supermarket and a large shopping centre a couple of kilometres away - Stockland Cairns.

My Studio Room is right next to the swimming pool which is good - the only internet on site is Tomizone, a service that is useless - I signed up for a very expensive $20 for 24 hours and the service was only available for about one hour during that period. I have since got a mobile broadband modem which gives me access anywhere there is mobile phone coverage and so far it is working as expected.


20th April 2013

On Wednesday I am flying to Cairns as it is too cold in Sydney for my liking (as I type it is 15 degrees C (feels like 5) and raining with a strong wind). I will be staying at the Cairns Gateway Resort initially and perhaps long term if I like the place.


16th April 2013

After a few fine, warm days the weather in Sydney has turned wet and cold (it was unseasonally warm when I arrived) with a hint of winter in the air. Hopefully I will be moving North to Cairns sometime soon.

Cockatoo in Bundeena                              Pair of Lorikeets in Bundeena

       Bundeena Cockatoo Having Breakfast              Pair of Lorikeets in The Back Yard          


12th April 2013

Back in the "Land Down Under" after more than four years in Asia - I arrived in Sydney yesterday morning after flying from Bangkok via KL. I will be spending a day or two just relaxing before I sort out what comes next. Whilst I love Asia I think I will enjoy a break for a while.


4th April 2013

Now in Saigon after a terrible train trip from Nha Trang - I have travelled by train in Vietnam many times (inlcuding the overnight sleeper train between Saigon and Nha Trang several times) but last night was different - I think that Vietnam Railways is letting their stations, trains, carriages and rail lines just deteriorate without any improvements or even maintenance (as an example the station at Nha Trang used to be air conditioned and now it's not - it used to have a toilet now it doesn't - it used to have tv screens and an electronic board displaying all train arrival/departures times, still there but no longer working). Once my train left the station I noticed three major differences since my last trip - 1) The cabin I was in was dirty and had several small cockroaches running around (this was on the SE3 in a soft sleeper, air conditioned cabin - the most expensive) - 2) The noise inside the carriage was deafening, like an echo chamber - 3) The ride was very rough with the train lurching from side to side as well as up and down. I think I managed to get about one hours sleep on the seven hour trip. No more train travel in Vietnam.

Once I arrived at Saigon Station I walked to my hotel (150 metres) booked in and went straight to bed.


3rd April 2013

As the sun sets slowly in the West this weary traveller leaves the beach area at Louisiane Brewhouse and heads for Nha Trang's tourist area for a last circuit of the bars and restaurants prior to catching the overnight train to Saigon.

I have spent my last two days in Nha Trang being a tourist - staying in a hotel in the tourist precinct and testing several restaurants and bars that I have not been to before - as well as lounging around the swimming pool and beach area of Louisiane Brewhouse on Nha Trang beach for several hours each day.

Louisiane Swimming Pool      Louisiane Brewhouse Beach Area

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