Photographs of The Cu Chi Tunnels Near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Cu Chi Tunnel Entrance

One of The Entrances to The Cu Chi Tunnel Complex


One of The Traps Used During The Vietnam War

rolling trap

A Rolling Trap

Folding chair trap

Folding Chair Trap

see saw trap

See-Saw Trap

trap door

Trap Door Trap

trap door below

The Spikes Below The Trap Door

door trap

The Guide Displaying a Door Trap

cu chi tank

US Tank Blown up With a Land Mine at Cu Chi

shoes made from tyres

Sandals Made From Old Tyres

cu chi bunker

Tunnel Entrance From Inside One of The Bunkers
inside cu chi tunnels

Inside One of The Cu Chi Tunnels

b52 bomb crater

A B52 Bomb Crater at Cu Chi

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