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26th January 2015

Today is "Australia Day" - I am in Sydney for a week and whilst it was hot (35C) yesterday today is cold (24C max) and windy with drizzle. I flew down to Sydney from Cairns last week with Tigerair - which was my first flight with them and all went well. I fly back to Cairns on Wednesday and then catch the Greyhound bus back to Wongaling Beach (Mission Beach).


8th January 2015

There has been quite a lot of rain over the past week, indicating that the monsoon season is about to start. The area around Wongaling Beach has become very green and really looks tropical already.

My Balcony View - Wongaling Beach                                   Wongaling View - Green

November 2014                                           January 2015    


28th December 2014

Sunday Ride - Today I left Atherton and rode North to Mareeba - I then went over the Great Dividing Range to Dimbula (typical small Australian "Outback" town) returning to Mareeba for a coffee before heading North again to Mount Molloy and then down to Mossman followed by Cairns and Gordonvale. At Gordonvale I headed up the mountains again going up and over the Gillies Range (this road has 263 corners and rises 2,624 feet (800 metres) over just 19 kilometres) to Yungburra and then back to Atherton for the night.

Honda on Mount Molloy                                   View to Mossman From Mount Molloy

                   My Honda on Mount Molloy                       Mossman and The Coast From Mount Molloy   


27th December 2014

I am now on another camping trip for a few days - I left home (Wongaling Beach) yesterday and rode up to Atherton - I went a different way this time, I came via South Johnstone, which bi-passes Innisfail but is no shorter. I took another trip over to Lake Tinnaroo and then stayed in Atherton last night. Today I rode to Ravenshoe (Queensland's highest town), then Mount Garnet and beyond. I stopped at Mount Hypipamee National Park to check out "The Crater" and "Dinner Falls" (close to the source of the Barron River). I returned via the "Scenic Route" to Milla Milla where I had lunch before returning to Atherton. Tomorrow I plan to do a day trip to the North and again return to Atherton for the night.

The Crater - Queensland    The Crater Bottom - Queensland    Dinner Falls - Queensland    Termite Mound - Queensland


14th December 2014

I have been busy the past two weeks and have not done any trips or travelling. I will probably take another camping trip up the mountains to Atherton early in the new year.


30th November 2014

This morning I went on a ride to Tully Gorge which is about 45 kilometres inland from Tully (The Town) and a 140 plus kilometre round trip from here. The wet season has not started yet so the water levels are down - I will try to make another visit in the wet season to see the difference.

Tully Gorge - Tully River     Tully Gorge - Tully River     Tully Gorge - Tully River

Tully Gorge and The Tully River


18th November 2014

I have seen several Wallabies and Cassowaries on my morning walks and today I saw a Cassowary with two chicks. I cannot get over how relaxed the Cassowaries are - I imagine it is because they have no natural enemies.


10th November 2014

This morning I had a visit from a local whilst I was having my morning coffee on the balcony - a Kookaburra who I have named Harry.

Kookaburra at Wongaling Beach

Harry the Kookaburra at Wongaling Beach


9th November 2014

On my long Sunday walk today I went all the way to Lugger Bay, which is past South Mission Beach and can be accessed via a walking trail. Lugger Bay is a quiet secluded bay with a good beach - as far as I can tell the only road to the area leads to a private gated community with no public access.

Lugger Bay

Lugger Bay


4th November 2014

Today I came across a Cassowary whilst on my morning walk. It was just strolling down the road and we came within a few metres of each other and it paid no attention to me at all.

The weather is starting to get hotter and the humidity is on the rise. Once the wet season starts the humidity will become very high. I have not mentioned how much it rains here - Wongaling Beach is within the area that is the wettest in Australia with an annual rainfall of about 4,000 mm (157 inches), which for comparison is double that of Cairns, about six times as much as Melbourne and almost seven times as much as London.


30th October 2014

I have now moved to Wongaling Beach (Central Mission Beach), Queensland. My apartment is just what I need and the location is ideal. My bedroom and balcony face East (towards the ocean) so I wake up to sunrise and get the sea breezes in the afternoon. I went for a swim down the beach today and also in the pool and the water temperature is just right in both.

My Balcony View - Wongaling Beach

The View From My Balcony


26th October 2014

Just another day in Paradise - so I took a ride to the lower portion of Barron Gorge which is only a few kilometres from Palm Cove. The Barron River has only a trickle of water flowing down it because it is the end of the dry season.

Lake Placid    Lake Placid    Barron Gorge - Upstream    Barron Gorge - Downstream

Lake Placid at The Bottom of Barron Gorge - Barron Gorge Looking Upstream and Downstream


17th October 2014

Today I rode down to Mission Beach and back - I went to inspect a one bedroom beachfront apartment at Wongaling Beach - I liked it and have leased it for the next six months (I move in on 28th October).

Wongaling Beach - Queensland

Wongaling Beach Looking Towards Dunk Island


15th October 2014

Back home in Palm Cove after my 4 day camping trip (almost 1,000 kilometres). Last night I stayed in Atherton (Halloranís Leisure Park, again) after camping at Mission Beach (Wongaling Beach). I did not take any photos as I forgot to take my camera. I like the Wongaling Beach area and am seriously considering moving there.


12th October 2014

I am now in Townsville - I rode the bike from Palm Cove to Mission Beach yesterday and camped at the Tropical Hibiscus Caravan Park (good little park, camp kitchen, tv room, gym, swimming pool and Woolworths across the road) for the night after spending the afternoon on the beach. Today I rode from Mission Beach to Townsville passing through Cardwell and Ingham. I am staying at the Rowes Bay Caravan Park - a great location but lots of sand flies.

Townsville is larger than I remember and seems to be quite prosperous and also modern. I assume that relates to the coal mining boom in the area. I may even stay here an extra night and have a good look around - if not I will head back north and stay at Cardwell or Mission Beach before heading up the mountains and coming home via Atherton.


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