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28th September 2012

I have spent the last three days travelling down the coast again. I again stayed at Rayong on the way down and on the way back. From Rayong I caught a minibus to Trat and then a taxi to the ferry pier for Koh Chang (Elephant Island) and the ferry across to Koh Chang.

I stayed at Paddy's Palms Resort ($22/night including breakfast) on White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao) which was great (except the Wifi Internet did not work) and the breakfast was at least equal to any I have had in Thailand.

The beach is good and the water clean - plus there were no crowds as it is low season. There are many shops, mini marts, restaurants and a cluster of bars - the meals at the restaurants appear great value (maybe because of the low season I am not sure) - I had a large seafood platter for 250 Baht (about $8).

I was so impressed that I am going again next week for four days - I will also take some photos on my next trip (I was being lazy this time)


12th September 2012

I have just got home from two days down the coast - I first went to Rayong travelling the entire way on Song Thaews (I think six in total) where I stayed the night. The following day I moved on to Ban Phe and caught the ferry (100 Baht return) from Nuanthip Pier over to Koh Samet (or Koh Samed) and spent a few hours on Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach) the largest and most popular beach on Koh Samet. I walked back to the ferry pier checking out the shops etc. on the way before catching the ferry back to Ban Phe and a minibus back to Jomtien (150 Baht).

Whilst Hat Sai Kaew is a nice beach - in my opinion it is no better than any of the beaches on Koh Larn and the "On Beach" facilities seem to mainly operate at night - for a day trip I would much prefer Koh Larn as Koh Samet seems to target the visitor that intends to spend a few nights at one of the many beachside resorts.

Ticket Office at Nuanthip Pier    Hat Sai Kaew    Deck Chairs on Hat Sai Kaew    Looking Seaward From Hat Sai Kaew

    Nuanthip Pier Ticket Office                                   Hat Sai Kaew (Diamond Beach)                                      

Statues at The End of Hat Sai Kaew              New Pier on Koh Samet              Large Bronze Statue at The Pier on Koh Samet

    Statues at The End of Hat Sai Kaew    The New Pier on Koh Samet   The Large Bronze Statue at The Pier End


5th September 2012

Last night I went to "Mali's", a small bar on the ground floor of my building and took a few photos of the locals. After a few beers all the foreigners tend to look the same.

Dave at Mali's    Mal at Mali's    Roger at Mali's

Dave                                   Mal                                Roger

Bern at Mali's    Molly

Bern                                   Molly


21st August 2012

I have decided not to go to Chiang Mai tomorrow as I cannot really afford the time (or the money). I have been to Chiang Mai before and may well go again some time in the future.

Below are a few photos of the "Spirit House" that is located just inside the entrance of the View Talay 1 complex where I live.

View Talay 1 Spirit House    View Talay 1 Spirit House    View Talay 1 Spirit House    View Talay 1 Spirit House


14th August 2012

As I have not done a lot of travelling over the past few months I also have not taken many photos - so I have decided to start taking some photos locally and posting at least one per week on this site.

Bern and Meow at The Pattaya Beer Garden

Bern and Meow at The Pattaya Beer Garden (Where Bern spends a large portion of his life)

Bar Maids at The Pattay Beer Garden

A few of the barmaids at The Pattaya Beer Garden


13th August 2012

Today I came across a few of the Jabiru Build Photos I took when I built my Jabiru J160 Kit Plane in 2005 (I thought I had previously accidently deleted them all) so I have placed them on a page on this site Jabiru Aircraft Website.

Jabiru Fuselage and Kit Parts    Jabiru Instrument Panel    Kit Jabiru With Undercarriage and Wings Fitted    Completed Jabiru J160 Kit Plane

More Photos


11th August 2012

I took the ferry over to Koh Larn for the day today as the weather was fine and Ta Waen beach on Koh Larn is my Favourite local beach.

I have been very busy over the past few weeks and due to this I have still not decided if I will go to Chiang Mai on August 22nd - as I have only booked a one way flight I will only lose very little if I cancel (the fare was 360 Baht which is about $12).

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