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24th June 2014

Back home in Palm Cove - I cut the camping trip short mainly because I did not like the look of the place I was planning to stay at near Innisfail. I still travelled the same course as originally planned and rode a total of 370 kilometres over two days - this morning I visited Lake Tinnaroo before leaving and also stopped at the Curtain Fig Tree between Atherton and Innisfail.

The countryside between Atherton and Innisfail is very green and lush with plenty of hills and mountains - the area produces peanuts, corn, coffee, tea, dairy, bananas and sugar cane. The bike ran great and will happily cruise at 100+ kph.

My first night in the tent was not so good - it is a bit too small (it is a two man tent but they must have to be very small men) also it was quite cold and there was a heavy dew and this came through the tent material and ran down to the floor. I will be checking out three man tents before my next trip.

Honda at Atherton    Tent at Atherton    Campsite at Atherton

Camping in Atherton, Queensland

Lake Tinnaroo    Curtain Fig Tree    Curtain Fig tree in Yungaburra

Lake Tinnaroo - Curtain Fig Tree at Yungaburra


23rd June 2014

I am now in Atherton (Camping) at Atherton Halloranís Leisure Park after riding up from Palm Cove today. The weather forecast said "Zero Chance of Rain" but there seems to be a rule of nature that says if I go camping it rains - I was only about an hour out of Cairns when I struck a couple of light showers followed by a slightly heavier shower between Mareeba and Atherton. I had planned to stay at the camping area at Lake Tinnaroo but when I arrived the rain was getting heavier and looked like it was going to continue. I returned to Atherton where the rain was just a light drizzle. The rain has stopped but may return during the night. I got quite wet as I do not have any wet weather gear to wear on the bike yet.

I did consider staying in a motel but decided that would be cheating.


20th June 2014

"Mr Cheap" Goes Camping - I am planning to do some camping trips starting within the next few days - I have bought all the camping gear I need (Spared No Expense) - I got a two man tent ($15), a double airbed ($19), a double sleeping bag ($24), a self inflating pillow ($6) and an air pump ($10). My first trip will only be for two nights to see how all the gear works out - I plan to go up the mountains and over to Atherton where I will spend the night (or maybe Lake Tinnaroo), then ride down to Innisfail and spend the night somewhere around there (probably near the beach) and return to Palm Cove the following day. All up it is only about 300 kilometres.

I checked the fuel consuption of the bike today and it is getting 33 kilometres per litre (92 miles per gallon) which is better than I expected especially as I have mainly only been riding locally. I should get better economy on a trip.


8th June 2014

The Cairns Ironman race is on today and has just started here in Palm Cove - it consists of a 3.8 kilometre swim followed by a 180 kilometre cycle and finishes with a 42.2 kilometre run (a marathon). Now that is what I call a challenge - to make things worse it is raining steadily and the forecast is for rain gettting heavier throughout the day.

I feel a bit guilty not going on my long Sunday walk because of the rain.


30th May 2014

Took a ride up the mountains to Kuranda and Barron Falls so that I could become familiar with the bike.

Barron Falls

Barron Falls - Very Little Water as The Wet Season is Over


29th May 2014

Today I got the Honda registered and then went for a ride to Port Douglas and back (about 150 klms). The bike went great with no issues at all - it is also the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden.

Honda CBR at Periwinkle                              Port Douglas Coast

Honda at Periwinkle                                Port Douglas Coast  


21st May 2014

Freedom is a Honda - After months of thinking about buying some form of transport I have purchased a Honda CBR 250R. I came close to buying a 150cc scooter but decided if I bought that I would want to go further and faster so I got the Honda - it is just over two years old and has travelled 4,600 kilometres but appears "As New" in every way. I will probably also buy a tent a do a few local camping trips.

Honda CBR 250R

My Honda CBR 250R


20th May 2014

The Stinger season has ended and the beach has been fully opened and the Stinger enclosure and net removed. This also means the wet season is over even though it has rained every day for the past week. The temperature has dropped and there is no need for the air conditioner anymore.


30th April 2014

Highlights of the past nine years:

2005 - Moved to Bundaberg mid year for six months to build my Jabiru J160 kit plane.

Jabiru Fuel Stop, Emerald, Queensland

Took a break from building the plane and went on a trip to Japan for two weeks - visiting Nagoya (World Expo), Tokyo, Yokohama, Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka - travelling on the Shinkansens (Bullet Trains).

2006 - Spent most of the year flying my Jabiru around Australia, including a solo circumnavigation.

Late 2006 I sold the plane and bought a 35 foot RV (Motorhome) (on ebay in the US).

Residency RV

2007 - Flew to the United States to pick up the motorhome and commence what became my 5 month, 30,000 kilomtre "Road Trip" covering most of the country.

2008 - Went on a two week adventure trip to Egypt on the way to Malta where I spent six months. During my stay in Malta I also went on trips to Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

After my time in Malta I flew on to Costa Rica for two months also visiting Panama City during that time.

Late 2008 I returned to Australia for a few weeks.

2009 - 2012 - In January I decided to move to Thailand (initially it was for 12 months but became 4 years) and during my time there I visited most of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I also made trips to Bali, Malaysia, Borneo, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Philippines and China.

2013 - I left Thailand in January and moved to Nha Trang in Vietnam for 3 months.

April saw me return to Australia again and I settled in Cairns, Queensland, where I am still living.


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